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  • Added categories for the achievements for easier access

  • Added chord tracking

    • There may be some bugs with this, but I *think* should be mostly accurate. Please report if any bugs are found.​

  • Added a time per measure stat for project stats ​

  • Fixed a bug with the profile links where you could not remove links

  • Redid the profile links showcase, it should now scale correctly and slide between links instead of a scroll.


There's been a couple issues addressed in the beta testing that I want to try and fix. 

  • Leveling :

    • I think the leveling system right now feels a bit useless. So I think I'm going to take the achievements -> unlocks cosmetics system, and move it to earning cosmetics per level. 

  • Achievements : 

    • With moving the cosmetics to the levelings, I think the achievements will become more like a 'medal' system. So instead of having 4 different achievements for using like x amount of midi notes, it will just be like a bronze, silver, gold, diamond system. These medals will also replace the profile 'trophy case' panel, which right now I feel is not super clear when you view it what that user has actually achieved. 


  • Social :  

    • I think the social aspect feels slightly underbaked right now. I want to try and add like and 'Activity Feed' that will nicely sum up what your friends have been up to.
      I don't think this is an end all solution, but I think it will help and give more purpose to adding friends.​

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