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  • Which DAWs does Strata support?
    Currently, Strata supports the following DAWs - Ableton 10-11 - FL Studio 20-21 - Reaper - Bitwig 4.0-5.0 In the near future, we will be adding support for : - Logic Pro - Studio One - (Maybe) Cubase If you have any DAWs you would like to see supported, definitely let us know!
  • What data does Strata store in the cloud?
    Strata only backups your profile and overall stats to our servers. The stats being your individual DAW stats, overall stats, and plugin usage. Your projects files, individual project stats, and samples are not backed to the cloud.
  • Can other users see my profile? What data is shown to them?
    Other users can view your profile (username and customizations), overall stats, and achievements. Other users can NOT view your projects, project stats, or samples (We do not save these to the cloud anyway).
  • Where should I place Strata in the DAW?
    First and foremost, Strata is a plugin. So just place Strata on any mixer track. However, we recommend placing Strata on the master channel as not all stats are able to be tracked otherwise. Furthermore, for the project challenges, some modifiers require Strata to be on the master channel.
  • How will I remember to use Strata in all my projects?
    This is a focus of ours. We suggest users add Strata to their new project template for the easiest solution. We have also considered releasing a standalone version that would launch along side the DAW, but we'd want to gauge user interest before developing this idea. So feel free to contact us if you'd like to see this feature!
  • Can I access my profile on multiple devices?
    Yes. Strata stores your profile, stats and achievements in the cloud for access on any device. Note: Your project stats and sample stats are not cloud saved, as they are local to your files. We may introduce support for cloud storage for these down the line after we gauge costs and practicality.
  • I'm a developer. Can my plugin interact with strata through an API?
    Currently, there is not an API for other plugin developers to interact with Strata. However, we would be very interested in developing one to allow other plugins to report their own stats and achievements. If this is of interest to you, please contact us! We'd like to gauge interest before starting the development process.
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